American drowned SUV, trying to pour water into the radiator

American drowned SUV, trying to pour water into the radiator


A resident of the American state of Washington decided to fill the radiator of the cooling system of his ninth generation Chevrolet Suburban with water by simply driving an SUV into the nearest body of water. As a result, he drowned the car in the river, and told the police officers who came to the call that he acted on purpose – the man decided not to pour water into the radiator from the tank, but to lower the entire radiator into the river and quickly fill it. But something went wrong and the plan could not be implemented.

As reported by KIMA Action News, the other day, the Yakima County Sheriff’s office in the US state of Washington began receiving calls from frightened local residents who noticed an old 1990s Chevrolet Suburban in the river of the same name from 11 am. The sheriff immediately dispatched a patrol crew to the scene, which did find the SUV drowned in the pond and its perplexed owner on the shore. Fortunately, no one was hurt as a result of the incident, but it is much more interesting that what happened was not an accident – the man drove into the river by car quite deliberately. He explained that he had replaced the thermostat for the cooling system and now needed to fill the radiator with water.

Why he did not use antifreeze for this, which can be bought at any gas station, or did not use any available container to draw water into it and then pour it into the radiator, is unknown. Either way, the owner of the SUV decided to simply unscrew the plug on the radiator and then drive the car into the river to fill the cooling system. Instead, the engine stalled as expected and the Suburban drowned. The police had to call a truck to get the Chevrolet out of the river. The publication did not say whether the perpetrator of the incident will receive a fine.

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