American made transparent wheel with LEDs

American made transparent wheel with LEDs


A motorist from Michigan showed on the video the process of making busspecific disks of epoxy resin. The resulting transparent design it has built in LEDs for the spectacular light up in different colors while driving.

Epoxy resin is a transparent substance, including used in the manufacture of glue. To create a disk Michigans cast their of this substance a few details, and then corrected their shape and bonded together. In the disk missing spokes, as the center is filled with the same resin, formed of a transparent plate, onto which is screwed the hub. The contour of the disk fixed the led strip that changes color.


The process required a lot of effort and time, but because blogger is confined to one wheel. It was installed in Oldsmobile Cutlass for test-in and several strength tests. It turned out that the disk of epoxy resin copes with its role, not worse, than the traditional wheel of steel and alloy.

This summer sale in the United States received the rims, rims which are made of carbon fiber, and the Central part is made of aluminum. They are lighter and stronger than standard wheels, and the difference in cost is not so significant as with full carbon discs.

How much do you think can survive such a wheel?

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