American of 38 years tried to buy an old Volkswagen father

American of 38 years tried to buy an old Volkswagen father


Resident of Minnesota Lynn Pfenning 38 years waiting for the opportunity to buy an old car from his father of the current owner. It was an old Volkswagen Type 3 sample 1967, which used for all kinds of farming, and then left to rot in the barn.

According to Pfenning, his father Marvin bought a car to replace the broken Beetle. Car used for daily trips and in the 1970s was sold to one of the local farmers. He gave it to his son, and when he grew up, the Volkswagen has become the workhorse: it herded the cattle and carried tools. The last ten or twenty years the car spent in the barn, among the old rubbish and mice.


All this time the Pfenning persistently tried to buy the car, but each time was refused. And only in 2013, after 38 years, the owner agreed to sell the car. His father’s Volkswagen Type 3 was delivered to the house of Pfenning. There it was completely disassembled, replacing the rusted body parts and rastoci the engine to 1.8 liters instead of 1.6, and then painted in a maroon color Candy Brandywine. In addition, Pfenning had to replace all bolts, wheels, mirrors and chrome parts.

After spending five years and 40 thousand dollars for restoration, Lynn Pfenning was pleased with the result. His Volkswagen Type 3 has received several awards at the local exhibitions of classic cars, but most valuable was the reaction of the father who at first could not believe that this is the car he bought in 1967.

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