American put a fence in the way of car sharing

American put a fence in the way of car sharing

Dan Smith from the American city of Seattle discovered a silver Mercedes-Benz CLA local carsharing company Car2Go at the Parking lot of a private home. He didn’t like it and he did pretty original.

Having seen abandoned on the Parking carsharing the car, Dan called a few neighbors, which could bring guests but none of them confessed. He then called the company Car2Go, which owns a silver Mercedes, described the situation and gave them two hours to get him out of here. But time has passed, the car no one came and Smith decided to act radically. However, while remaining within the legal field.

He built a fence around CLA that none of the customers of car-sharing was not able to use it! American ready to remove the fence, if Car2Go will pay him 65 dollars for each day of storage of the car at the Park, will reimburse $ 300 spent on the construction of the fence, there is still $ 500 in damages. The representatives of car-sharing, which is typical, instead, went to the police and demanded to return the car.

Their lawyers say that in the Parking lot, Dan was no signs warning that this is private property. Smith, in reply, appeals to basic logic, and assures that the area around the house is such a priori. Like all operators, car-share, the company penalizes customers Parking in the wrong places and imposes on them the costs associated with the towing, but in this case the situation is ambiguous.

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