AMG Brabus G-Wagen Squared!!

AMG Brabus G-Wagen Squared!!


I’m taking the AMG Brabus G-Wagen Squared for the week and taking it to the only female Supercar Club in Dubai. Then I’m finally getting my i8 unwrapped to it’s original protonic blue.Thanks to Deals on Wheels & Fos

ten minutes I’m gonna look like this what’s up guys this is blondie thank you so much for watching welcome to another vlog I am just about to take the i8 into get it unwrapped it has been wrapped like this for about ten months now it’s time for a change I’m now at false concepts so they’re the guys who wrapped the car for me let’s go in I’m really gonna miss this rap actually the guys did an awesome job I really loved it I’m sad that it’s coming off but it’s time for a change and of course the only reason why we’re doing this is because some idiot ran into us so we have to replace this whole panel or just get this panel fixed and now that the rap is ruined we have to replace the run I’d scratch my baby just hand it in the car I’m gonna go back in about two days when the rap is off and I’ve just popped into deals on wheels honestly this is one of those showrooms when you drive down Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai off the main highway you’re looking here and just go Oh door drops look at what we’ve got in here there’s the mobile ops it’s being sort of SV mV then wait until you see this this is the best-looking GTR in my opinion this color is Canon’s thank you I mean this place is just insane all right I’m driving out of here it’s happening right now they’re opening the doors check this out this is what I’ve got for the next few days bravas g-wagen a 4×4 incredible and look at this in Syria Wow I am now heading to the Arabian gazelles that’s where a lot of us ladies meet up with our super girls and we going for a drive this drive today is called the glam drive it’s our all meeting up now and I’m taking the Beast couple of you asked me what the key looks like to the Brahmas 4×4 squared this is you just pop that in there you heard that sound that was the little steps going back into the car on the outside that’s it so I’m just a delights and here the engine actually turns off so it’s Kaiser for economical if you take that off then it means the engine keeps running when you’re idle just filled up last night it costs me a hundred sixty Durham’s there’s nothing that’s about forty just over 40 bucks and when I was driving the 4×4 square the in Switzerland it cost me about 160 bucks so it’s about four times as much to drive this car in Switzerland you’ve got to meet them at ten it’s now five to ten so of course I’m going to be late and we’re gonna see at some of the most amazing cars there so this is a group of about fifty women in the UAE who all meet up for drives about once a month we go somewhere new and we all meet up with our supercars or whatever cars that we have that qualify for the Arabian gazelles so today I’m not bringing the IH I am bringing it forward okay here we are I’m just arriving at the address Montgomery it’s a golf course here in Dubai for other girls are here already a couple of Bentley’s got a Lamborghini Huracan and we’ve got hernan’s Morgan there how cool is that let’s join the lineup throughout southeast Lambo hernan’s Morgan it’s three Bentley’s so I’ve just arrived at the Arabian gazelles gathering a few girls have arrived before me let’s go over the show these are some of the girls hi guys what’s up we’ll charge them a little bit later about what they’re all driving I know a couple of the cars belong to a few of the girls here but I’m going to have to play a little bit of a guessing game later on okay we’ve become running out because we heard all the way from the inside in the cafe there is an Aventador and Sophie said these are the girls we get into by the aventador drivers so I was driving all the cars that they left and then I had to run to get into this kind catch up by the time I got into this car straight to the first roundabout at Lawson these girls are fast so I had to drive here by myself I just gave a head on a call I said are you guys here let me know where you parked I beat him they are still on their way so even though it’s a massive car this car it’s fast I’ve got it in sport so if you press this button yeah Oh change into sport for you you can see it there there we go there’s sport mode for you so just while I’m waiting for the girls to arrive let me tell you a little bit about this car so 4×4 squared bravas 4×4 squared in the UAE is going for about 700 okay with the full reverse gear it’s now about a million pick this up boy here they are they’re just arriving come on girls slow super slow beat you Subic are gathering without a rolls right gonna be one of us fully tinted blacked-out we are I’m gonna do makeup so here’s my before don’t look too close will get my often a makeup session is over now we’re moving on to hair blowout and go this girl is a champion aria runs this empire UAE and she has awesome stuff and now after about 10 minutes I’m gonna look like this even better they say how amazing is that I’m Claudia Schiffer now I’m gonna move in and they’re gonna do my hair and makeup everyday it’s gonna be amazing I’ve got to go return the 4×4 now so I’ve got a rush down there return the 4×4 and then pick on my i8 which has now been unwrapped so the big reveal if you have you have seen and how I bought it a year ago a lot of you haven’t so its skin if you can’t afford the full bravas kits or upgrade for you the promising source it sounds quite timid you can even hear it just when you grab a little bit in the normal exhaust and then you switch on the brother six turn the car on if I push this button down here that beep now the BRABUS exhaust has been switched off let’s have a listen it doesn’t have like the bubble it doesn’t have like the crackle of the exhaust when you just have the normal exhausts on now let’s activate the gravis exhaust you hear that beep now listen definite definite difference I’m not sure if you can hear it too well but I can definitely hear our difference when I’ve activated the bravas exhaust you needed to upgrade with the 4×4 swear it would be the BRABUS exhaust here’s the interior which I absolutely love some people have been saying online that it looks like the inside of a porn stars mansion what should I say about that yes it kind of does but I also kind of like it what does that say about me I don’t know red steering wheel red doors red dash panel everything everything everything from one door to the other is red this is always cool I like these headrests right so if you go over to this button here and you push down on this button then the headrest comes down three seats in the back completely red even the floor is red cup holders a red I mean you got a love red to drive this car gonna run in say goodbye to them thank them venomoth in a cab down to where I’ve got my IH being unwrapped so I’m gonna pick up my I ate as well let’s do it gotta say goodbye they’re just at my I ate on granular 210 I bought it in I’m actually surprised I need to do something and like actually highlight and now of course with the blue the seatbelts match perfectly all that blue trimming inside matches the outside perfect do you prefer it this color or do you like the grey in yellow let me know in the comments actually I’m excited to have a little bit of a difference a little bit of a change it’s always good but I love the fact that the interior the little detail alright who gets to drive me thank you thank you

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