AMG GT: more powerful than Bugatti

AMG GT: more powerful than Bugatti


The German studio Opus Automotive has shared the details of its own project to fine-tune the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series coupe. The tuners plan to make its engine more powerful not only the power plant of the AMG One hypercar, but also the Bugatti Veyron supercar. Mercedes-AMG GT with 1111 hp engine will hit the market this June.

The boost in the Mercedes-AMG GT’s signature 4.0-liter V8 engine is achieved through significant engine upgrades. So, the sports car engine will receive a new pressurization system, forged pistons, upgraded connecting rods, as well as a custom fuel system. In addition, the tuners will strengthen the factory 7-speed “robot” – otherwise it will not cope with the increased performance.

This project also has a softer version, in which the V8 engine is boosted to 1001 hp. These cars will be called Binary Edition by Opus, with a hint of performance numbers that look like binary. The option to order the Mercedes-AMG GT upgrade will only appear in June 2021.

However, in April, the Opus studio will present even more affordable modernization programs. Opus will increase its output to 920 or 825 hp by upgrading the engine control unit. For each version of the engine, engineers have developed a custom exhaust system – it improves the sound of the engine, but due to the lack of a particulate filter makes the coupe impossible for legal use on European roads.

In addition, Opus has developed new wheel sets and a number of aerodynamic improvements for the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series. It is noteworthy that in all cases of modernization, the car will remain rear-wheel drive, but for those customers who are afraid of not being able to control the vehicle, the tuners offer software limiting the amount of torque.

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