Amphibious Car Challenge

Amphibious Car Challenge


Subscribe: Jeremy, James, and Richard attempt to create amphibious cars, adaptable to any set of conditions.Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. WATCH MORE: Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Car Walkarounds:

Have you had a few problems? No. I just had to make a bit of a detour. Low bridge. You know? Mast. Where's he going? Watch this. Brace! Brace! It works! -That is really annoying.
-I've got a rudder. It did indeed work, for a few moments. But before I could hoist my sail, I drifted into some reeds
and got stuck. Then it was my turn. Life jacket! I was grateful when I saw the water line
I'd insisted on only having one engine. -Can you give me a tow before you sink?
-No, I can't! I'm leaking! I, however, was about to launch
into a world of issues. I'd bolted my propeller to the flywheel. And as I drove in, it hit the ramp. And broke. So I was in the water with no drive,
but that was the least of my problems. Oh, no! It's sinking! Yeah, mine hasn't worked. -Can you come and give us a tow?
-No, mate! My engine doesn't work! Those incompetent co-presenters I have. With James still in the weeds
and Hammond going down fast, I opened the taps on my outboard
and went for a test drive. Oh, yeah. This is nice. Manoeuvrable, comfortable. It just works! -Did you want tea or coffee?
-Tea please, mate. It works, but really, this is top speed. That's annoying. Richard wasn't going anywhere
unless he found some power. -I've got a spare outboard.
-You are joking! -I have. How much would you give me?
-A million pounds. -A million?
-And a leg. Take your pick. Either leg. Oh, yes! Now, what do I do? Oh, God! So could he get the engine on and working
before his "damper" van sank? How do I start it?! Could he make it
to the other side of the lake? Could James? By this stage,
he'd got his sails up. He was out
of the weeds and under way… just. Mind you,
he was going faster than Hammond. Yes! It's moving! I'm moving! It's a boat! Finally, we were off! Two miles. Frankly, I've won this. Come on, baby! Come on, wind! Sadly, my exuberance with the throttle
was causing some problems for the Toybota. No, no, no! I've got
a massive wave at the front! But Hammond had bigger ones. No! No! No! Yes! Come on, baby! This is the moment!
Look, it's the Titanic! It's going! It's going! Oh, no! Oh, no! Hammond, how much? -For what?
-A lift. I'll give you a million quid
or… this bucket! -What do we think, viewers?
-Oh, come on! I'm going down! -Where's May?
-I don't know! What do you think
I'm worried about right now? I'm aboard. -Now get in there and get bailing!
-Oh, right. -I've come up with a problem.
-What? You… You owe me a million pounds! While I was on my perilous rescue mission,
James had powered ahead. I need more wind! Here we go! My toy submarine is off!
That's full power. -It's working… It's not working.
-No. It's slow but certain and I'm not sinking. Even though we were racing someone travelling at the slowest speed ever
recorded by man… Come on! …Jeremy still insisted on going
at full tilt. Up! Up! Rise! Rise, Toybota! It's coming over the side! And boats don't do emergency stops. Oh! Jeremy! We're going in! Relax! Our bailing session meant
the tortoise was catching up. I can see the finish line. It's about, oh, I don't know,
a couple of hundred yards away. Or about four and a half hours. So this was it, the final assault! Coming in hot! We're nearly there! Come on, you bitch! I'm going to make it! I just had to turn round
the pontoon and park, but I turned too hard and too fast. -That was a mistake!
-You may have just overcooked it. Richard? Richard! It's going over! [bleep] That's pretty cold That's pretty bloody cold! I can't believe it! Two miles and it goes now! No! No! No! HMS Clarkson has capsized by
the sounds of things. That is fantastic. Oh, yeah! Well, it was a good idea. It had only one major flaw. What? I think I may have won
my second Top Gear event. I simply… step off. If he drives out of the water,
I'm going to kill myself. -Eh? Fair enough.
-Yeah. -Is that your car?
-Yes. It's the wrong way up. Don't give me technicalities! Would you agree I made it to the pontoon? No. Watch this for a perfect about.
We'll give you a hand. -That's annoying!
-That is irritating! -That's annoying! Can you do it?
-The clutch has gone. -The clutch has gone?
-Oh, he's failed! No, I haven't failed. -You have!
-No, I'm out! -You're not out!
-I'm on the slipway! Can I just say, chaps? One observation I would have, sailing… Really boring!

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