An advertisement for a new Defender could lead to another scandal

An advertisement for a new Defender could lead to another scandal


British social worker and TV presenter turned against the Land Rover, accusing the company of sexism, misogyny, and other terrible sins.

The debut of the new generation Land Rover Defender has caused a lot of different responses, but mostly they boiled down to the technical details of the car. But British TV presenter Mariella Frostrup outraged, for example, the fact that “Def” was deprived of the frames or bridges and methods of promotion of new products.


Sharp criticism from public workers has caused one of the commercials created by the firm for a new SUV. The main role plays the famous extreme Kenton cool (in his record, for example, 14 ascents of Everest), who in the story somewhere on the slope of the rocks in Kazakhstan receives a message with a request not to be late and sent across the country on a new Land Rover Defender.

Angered Mariella just the person the Kenton Kula: the statement presenter for women too there are a lot of extreme, “capable of greatness” (capable of great things – one of the slogans for the new Defender) and cost to attract them to participate in the filming. Frostrup threatening to sell your range Rover and buy a new car from the manufacturer, which more properly belongs to women drivers. As usual, the message is accompanied by the hashtags “misogyny” and “everyday sexism”.

Land Rover has managed to respond to the statement, adding that in the commercials of the company was withdrawn many women, and among the brand’s ambassadors there are, for example, world champion equestrian Zara Tindall. However, the demarche of Mariella criticized the members of the feminist community, explaining that Kenton cool was in the movie deservedly, and don’t need to see “sexism” where it did not.

PS: And the video is really very beautiful, what do you think?

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