An electric car that can get longer

An electric car that can get longer


In 2018, the Danish company iEV Motors introduced the first version of an electric car with a variable length called iEV X. Four years later, an improved version saw the light – iEV Z, which featured many improvements, but retained the main “trick”: if necessary, take a single passenger an electric car literally in a few seconds turns into a two-seater. In addition, you can now place cargo in front, further increasing the length.

In a closed single-seat version, the iEV Z is only 198 centimeters long (78 centimeters wide and 145 centimeters high) and weighs about 220 kilograms. Passenger “mode” adds to the length of 37 centimeters, pushing the body panels by means of an electric drive. The maximum length of 275 centimeters is intended for cases when you need to take on board both a passenger and cargo.

The urban electric car is driven by a 1-kilowatt motor (1.4 horsepower), which accelerates it to a maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hour. The lithium battery with a capacity of 3.3 kilowatt-hours provides up to 100 kilometers of travel on a single charge, which takes about three hours. Photovoltaic panels on the roof can provide additional mileage on sunny days.

The Z-designated iEV features a completely redesigned carbon steel chassis, new bodywork, improved charging, a front luggage compartment, and power windows made from molded safety glass instead of the acrylic used on the iEV X.

Orders for the iEV Z will open later in 2022 and the mini electric car will cost €5,850. Later iEV Z+ version with more advanced equipment will appear.

A similar project was presented by Tel Aviv-based City Transformer last year. The car of the same name also knows how to decrease, but not in length, but in width: for the convenience of parking or for maneuvering in narrow places, the wheels together with the arches approach each other, and the width decreases to one meter.

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