An electric car with a power reserve of 1600 km was shown on video

An electric car with a power reserve of 1600 km was shown on video


The American company Aptera has released the second prototype of a three-wheeled long-range electric vehicle on solar batteries, which was named Sol (in Spanish – “Sun”). A video showing the new car was published on YouTube.

The Aptera project has been known since the mid-2000s, when a small startup announced the development of an ultra-efficient hybrid car with a fuel consumption of just one liter per 100 kilometers. In 2011, the company had difficulties with financing and it went bankrupt, and the project of an economical machine itself was recognized as unprofitable.

Recently, Americans have resumed their activities, switching to all-electric cars. The Sol three-wheeled vehicle has an aerodynamic body with solar panels that generate additional energy for the batteries.

The developers claim that in certain regions with a lot of sunny days, the panels will allow to accumulate enough energy annually, which will be enough to travel almost 18 thousand kilometers.

The first working prototype of the Aperta, called Paradigm, was shown in early 2021. At the same time, the company began to accept preliminary applications for the purchase of the car, the number of which exceeded 7 thousand applications. The three-wheeled electric car will be produced in two main modifications: with batteries for 400 km of travel and with batteries that allow you to travel up to 1600 km. The cost of the first version starts at $ 25.9 thousand, and the longest-range version will cost at least $ 44.9 thousand.

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