An exotic Harmony with a plastic body sell for more Logan

An exotic Harmony with a plastic body sell for more Logan

In the Czech Republic put up for sale most unusual Lada. This car is hard to come by in our area as they were produced and it was sold in Europe, and circulation of this exotic was extremely small.

We are talking about a car called Lada Bohse Euro Star. In fact, it is well known to Lada 2105 (in some European countries it was sold as Nova), which the German company Johann Bohse turned into a versatile car for leisure or if you want a beach buggy.


The Germans sank the basis of the database from the “five”, and on top put a brand-new body type: fiberglass “shroud”, devoid of doors and roof. Because of this regular sedan was converted into a pickup truck with an open cockpit and Seating for up to five people. However, roof and door (the latter is made from fabric) can be ordered separately.

Under the hood of the car was located the same VAZ 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine of 60 BHP (89 Nm), which was docked with four-speed manual transmission and rear-wheel drive. The salon also almost completely borrowed from the VAZ-2105.

Despite its exoticism, the public car is not rated for two years of production, from 1988 to 1990, was released from 200 to 250 converted “fives”, although some sources and not talking about a few dozen produced. So today, this car represents a great rarity. Apparently, this explains its price: for your Lada Bohse Euro Star seller is asking 200 000 CZK (7 € 890). By the way, it’s more than the cost of a new Dacia Logan: in the Czech Republic for popular sedan asking 169 900, – CZK.


The announcement notes that sold buggy was released in 1990, today its mileage is 29 thousand km.

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