An updated “Five” BMW has revealed before the premiere (photos)

An updated “Five” BMW has revealed before the premiere (photos)


Forum BMW Blog has published official photos of the updated sedan 5-Series G30 series. The appearance of the model was fully disclosed before the premiere. Improvements in exterior modest: changed the figure of optics, bumper, grille and wheels.

Declassified photos show hybrid BMW 530 e G30 with M-package. Front bumper sports performance lost led elements, the area of the intakes increased, “squint” headlights became angrier and, in General, the front “five” added to aggression.

Another novelty is that visually “jointed” grille with chrome slats: directionsbus machines decorative element is divided into two distinct parts.


Rear changes less: a key element tinted lights with the new pattern and the old form. If you look closely, you might notice otherwise decorated with a black insert on the bumper that mimic the diffuser, a different location of the PDC, and also missing from the racks nameplates eDrive is one of the attributes of a hybrid.

On a technical stuffing of updated “fives” to no avail. Probably version 530 e will be equipped with a more powerful motor, and the peak recoil petrol-electric model will increase from the current 252 horsepower and 420 Nm of torque. In addition, restyled to appear “charged” the hybrid version 545 e with a total capacity of 400 horsepower – it will replace in the line M 550 d with a complex “quadrotriticale”.

It is expected that the updated “five” will be officially declassified until the end of may and will appear in key markets in the end of 2020, if Europe does not lay a second wave of coronavirus infection.

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For the last three days in the Network “flowed” pictures of the three novelties of the Bavarian firm revealed the first look of the new “deuce” coupe, then the photographs with the signature of the photo shoot showed electrocreaser iX3, the 5 series after restyling.

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