And again for the old: VW again suspected of manipulating the exhaust

And again for the old: VW again suspected of manipulating the exhaust


The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has launched an investigation against the Volkswagen concern, which again concerns possible manipulation of exhaust gases. This time, experts are interested in the software that controls the EGR valve. The fact is that under certain conditions, the engine control unit turns off this valve, which significantly increases the emissions of nitrogen oxides when the engine is running.

Experts have found that when the ambient temperature is outside the range of 15-33 degrees Celsius, and the altitude exceeds 1000 meters, the EGR valve is turned off by the software of the engine control unit. Volkswagen engineers say this is due to longer engine life, but advisers to the Court of Justice of the European Union found it suspiciously similar to the EA189 engine software, infamous for its diesel gate.

“Engine protection is not an excuse to implement such software,” said Athanasios Rantos, Athanasios Rantos, Attorney General of the CJEU.

According to Automotive News, Volkswagen does not recognize the claims and notes that the so-called temperature window in the operation of the EGR valve can be fully justified if it is intended to prevent its failure. The valve mixes the engine exhaust gas with intake air, which then reduces the oxygen concentration and the combustion rate. Due to the decrease in oxygen concentration in the intake air, the combustion temperature decreases and the level of nitrogen oxides decreases.

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