And the “heels” are now glowing: BMW 3-Series received illumination of the “nostrils”

And the “heels” are now glowing: BMW 3-Series received illumination of the “nostrils”


Threes with glowing nostrils are for Indian shoppers.

The BMW 3-Series has a limited edition Iconic Edition for the Indian market. The highlight of the novelty is the radiator grill with illuminated lamellas a la BMW X6 G06. Previously, the “threes” were not supposed to glow “nostrils”. Buyers will be able to order the long wheelbase BMW 3-Series Iconic Edition in 330Li or 320Ld versions. The petrol version will cost 5,350,000 rupees, the diesel – 5,490,000 rupees.

Illumination of the radiator grille appeared on the BMW X6 in the back of the G06, but the unusual function is available not only for crossovers – recently in the USA, the illumination can be ordered by buyers of 5-Series sedans.

However, the “troikas” with the factory light signature are exclusive to the Indian market. The performance of the Iconic Edition relies on sedans extended by 110 millimeters with rich equipment. It is based on the 3-Series Gran Limousine with the Luxury Package, so 18-inch alloy wheels, full LED optics and chrome elements cannot be dispensed with.

In the interior of the BMW 3-Series Gran Limousine Iconic Edition, you can recognize it by the illumination of the automatic transmission selector, additional cushions on the head restraints of the rear seats, hangers attached to the rear of the front seats, as well as the standard multicontour seats. Leather trim, panoramic roof, contour lighting, 16-speaker Harman Kardon sound system – basic equipment.

Buyers have the right to choose from two power plants. The BMW 330Li is equipped with a 262-horsepower (400 Nm) 2.0 petrol turbo engine, for a surcharge of 140 thousand rupees, you can order a turbodiesel of the same volume, which develops 193 horsepower and 400 Nm. Rear-wheel drive and 8-speed “automatic” with paddle shifters have no alternative. The Iconic Edition is known to be a limited edition, but the number of pieces produced has not been disclosed.

The planned restyling of the BMW 3-Series is not far off, and it is likely that after the update, the luminous “nostrils” will be laid on all richly equipped “troikas”. Elongated BMW 3-Series are unlikely to appear outside the Asia-Pacific region.

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