And Tundra was with a fire: Toyota will withdraw 158 thousand pickups

And Tundra was with a fire: Toyota will withdraw 158 thousand pickups


Toyota Tundra’s high beam may be too bright, and the company has initiated the recall of trucks built between 2018 and 2021 due to a faulty electrical connection in the truck’s halogen headlights.

Overall, Toyota is recalling 158,489 Tundra vehicles due to a defect, all of which are at risk because the issue is a design issue, not just a batch of defective parts, according to the recall notice. According to the recall, “Tundras” with halogen headlights have an electrical circuit that allows the filaments of the high and low beams to be simultaneously energized when the high beams are turned on. Fortunately, the cases where this could lead to a fire are quite specific.

If the headlights are used continuously for a long period of time, such as in a commercial environment, when the vehicle is idling or driving at low speed for a long time, and oncoming air does not cool the connector, excess heat can degrade insulation lamp and lamp connector. This can cause the headlight to break and go out, and in some cases, the connector may overheat and catch fire.

For all vehicles involved in the recall, Toyota dealers will modify the engine wiring harness and inspect the headlight bulb connector, bulb and headlight assembly. Along with repairing the connector, Toyota will replace all of the above parts that have also been damaged.

Owners of these vehicles will receive a recall notice effective November 1, 2021.

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