Announced extreme pickup Volkswagen Amarok W580X

Announced extreme pickup Volkswagen Amarok W580X


A local company called Walkinshaw, which has a full-fledged assembly shop located in Melbourne, is responsible for the development of the extreme modification of the Volkswagen Amarok W580X. Moreover, the cooperation of this company and Volkswagen began back in 2020 with the release of a “sporting” version of the Amarok W580 pickup truck.

The new modification of the Volkswagen Amarok W580X is designed for fast off-road driving, so the main changes were made to the chassis. The pickup’s ground clearance has been increased, twin-tube MTV shock absorbers have been installed, as well as additional underbody protection and large off-road tires. For a surcharge, customers will be offered a snorkel.

In addition, the standard set of the Volkswagen Amarok W580X version includes a new radiator grille, an additional diode spotlight in the bumper, side skirts and black decor. And in the cabin of such a pickup there will be new velor upholstery and metal linings. At the same time, Walkinshaw will not touch the power unit: the W580 and W580X versions are supposed to have the most efficient V6 3.0 turbodiesel with 258 hp. and 580 Nm. Also, the novelty relies on an 8-speed “automatic” and permanent four-wheel drive without “lowering”.

Versions of the Volkswagen Amarok W580X have yet to undergo a series of tests, because this modification will be officially included in the Volkswagen brand lineup. Therefore, the start of sales is scheduled only for April next year. Moreover, the life cycle of the W580X will be very short, because in 2022 the second generation Amarok will also be presented, which will become the closest relative of the Ford Ranger.

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