Announced maximum fuel prices until the end of 2021

Announced maximum fuel prices until the end of 2021


The Ministry of Economy of Ukraine on December 22 announced the average cost of gasoline and diesel fuel, from which gas stations set a margin. Both types of fuel have slightly increased in price.

The average cost of gasoline is set at 25.97 UAH / liter, diesel fuel – 23.16 UAH / liter. Taking into account the maximum allowed trade margins, the price for “regular” (not branded, without additional additives) gasoline for its sale through the gas station network should not exceed UAH 30.97 / liter, diesel fuel – UAH 30.16 / liter.

Compared to the second decade of December, the average price for gasoline has increased by 19 kopecks / l, for diesel fuel – by 3 kopecks / l.

Let us remind you that on May 14, the Cabinet of Ministers introduced state regulation of prices for gasoline and diesel fuel for the period of quarantine and “anti-epidemic measures.” It works as follows: NAK Naftogaz transfers to the Ministry of Economy the estimated average cost of fuel for the previous reporting period, taking into account the cost of customs clearance. The ministry publishes this information on its website, while the retail markups of gas stations to the average price of diesel fuel cannot exceed UAH 7 / liter, and gasoline – UAH 5 / liter.

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