Announced prices for the updated Mercedes GLS in version 580 in USA

Announced prices for the updated Mercedes GLS in version 580 in USA

According to official data, the price of a German midsize crossover in version 580 begins at 97 $ 800. Cars will reach dealers in the United States by the end of this year.

When at the beginning of this month, Mercedes has published prices for a brand-new mid-size crossover SUV GLS for the US market, it said only about GLS 450 4Matic entry-level. The starting price of this version is 75 $ 200.

For those interested in acquiring a more powerful version of its flagship crossover, the German company has announced that 580 GLS will be available at a starting price of 97 $ 800.

So, what you get for the GLS version of the 580? Under the hood of the car is 4.0-liter V8 with system boost EQ power Boost. The power of the motor is equal to 483 HP and maximum torque is 516 Nm. As a transmission 9-speed automatic, which is connected with the system of full drive AWD.

A more powerful engine 580 GLS helps to accelerate to first “hundred” 0.7 seconds faster – in the end it will take only 5.2 seconds. Maximum speed limited to 209 km/h. it is Interesting that, although I’m sure that very few people will see the V8 version is slightly longer than its six-cylinder counterpart.

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Normal version GLS reached dealers in the US by the end of this year, the high-performance AMG models and the Maybach luxury should not appear before 2020.

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