Announced the prices of the electric car Honda e

Announced the prices of the electric car Honda e


A compact five-door hatch with the five monitors in the salon valued at the same amount as much larger VW ID.3.

Honda finally introduced its e at the exhibition in Frankfurt, pohvastat passing a pre-order list of more than 40 thousand items, typed in about a month. All potential buyers have declared their desire even before I saw the production version of elektrokompakt and found out its exact price.


And it was very high, even taking into account the existing in some countries of Europe of subsidies for buyers of electric cars in Germany will have to pay a minimum of 29 470 euros, and UK 26 160 pounds. This is the price of the base model Honda e, which is equipped with a 136-horsepower electric motor and 35.5-kilowatt battery, providing a range of 220 km. 154-strong modification with the same battery – even more expensive: 32 470 Euro for the Germans and 28 660 pounds for the British.

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Meanwhile, significantly larger and more powerful Volkswagen ID.3 is likely to cost similar money. The manufacturer has stated that the basic version of the electric car will be powered by a 204-horsepower engine with a range of up to 330 km. the Exact cost of the electric car has yet to be announced, but VW are keen to keep it within the same 30 thousand euros. The supply of both electric cars is scheduled to begin by the middle of next year.

How do you price tag? Would take VW ID.3 or e Honda?

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