Announced the summer launch of Volkswagen ID.3 is threatened

Announced the summer launch of Volkswagen ID.3 is threatened


Volkswagen ID.3 needs to become a real flagship of the German automaker in terms of electrification. The production of this first model of environmentally friendly series ID was originally scheduled for the summer. Recently, however, Germany began to receive disturbing rumors.

Volkswagen ID.3 is going to conquer the market with a decent reserve, which ranges from 330 to 550 kilometers, and a very attractive price tag. The price for the novelty was reported to be comparable with the prices of similar cars with traditional internal combustion engines. Due to this, the automaker expects that its electric car will become really popular model. Will it be possible for the Germans to bring this idea to life, it will be clear next summer. However, according to the latest information, a serious problem can disrupt previous plans.


Currently on a fix employs about 10 thousand specialists.

A month earlier, the importers still a little worried about this, hoping for a quick solution to the problem. Now it becomes obvious that the delay of the production ID.3 more real than previously thought. Experts also do not give an absolute guarantee that the problem will be eliminated by the summer. The estimated delay, according to insiders, may take a year.

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