Another batch of KrAZ-Shrek-M sent for export

Another batch of KrAZ-Shrek-M sent for export

HC “AvtoKrAZ” put a batch of armored vehicles KrAZ Shrek-M for export to a country in Africa. The customer chose armored vehicles with high cross-class MPV with a bottom v-shaped, the base of which the chassis of the vehicle KrAZ-5233 wheel formula 4 x 4. The car is designed to study dangerous areas, search and neutralization of explosive devices.

KrAZ-Shrek-M equipped with crane-manipulator of Italian production for mine with special equipment, management of – protected inside the armored hull. In this image, for example, demining operations, is displayed on a special monitor. System for mine action (US production) includes high quality camera, special lighting equipment, the trapping device.

The car provides protection from defeat by small arms and grenades, detonation of mines and corresponds to the level of ballistic protection STANAG 4569 level 2; mine protection – STANAG 4569 level 2a, 2b.

KrAZ-Shrek-M is a model for a specific task, in particular, clears the route from explosives. The car is equipped with a 380-horsepower engine, 9-speed gearbox.

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