Another batch photo of the new BMW 2-Series Coupe

Another batch photo of the new BMW 2-Series Coupe


It’s only recently that the first photo of the new BMW 2-Series Coupe has surfaced, and unfortunately for BMW, a new set of shots of its new compact coupe has surfaced on the Internet. The vehicle itself will be unveiled later this week.

The Bavarian automaker has announced its new product, which will premiere at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​in a few days. On the eve of its debut, an image of the BMW 2-Series Coupe appeared on the web. Today, thanks to the bmwworldm Instagram page, three new photos of the new coupe are available.

Images show the new BMW 2-Series Coupe both front and rear. It is striking how much the new compact coupé stays true to the concept of its predecessor. The coupe has a sedan rear end, two doors and a front fascia with relatively small headlights and a “normal” grille. Although the new 2-Series will also be available with a variety of engines, these photos show only the M240i variant, which is considered the top-end 2-Series prior to the new M2 M240i. The M240i gets a 3.0 six-cylinder engine with 374 hp. and 500 Nm, known from the M340i.

Unlike the current and next Tourer 2-Series, as well as the current 2-Series Gran Coupe and 1-Series, the new 2-Series Coupe will be rear-wheel drive. In fact, the car is a shortened version of the platform that BMW uses in cars such as the 3- and 4-Series. We’ll get more details later this week.

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