Another Chinese Volvo XC90

Another Chinese Volvo XC90


Geely’s Chinese subsidiary, Lynk & Co, has unveiled a large crossover 09. The novelty is based on the modular architecture of the SPA, the “senior” Volvo platform, which is the basis of the XC90. Lynk & Co 09 is expected to be equipped with a turbocharged Volvo Drive-E and will focus on moderate and plug-in hybrid powertrains.

The overall dimensions of Lynk & Co 09 are not disclosed, but there is no doubt that we are talking about a seven-seater car with a length of about five meters. The designers of the Chinese brand have retained the recognizable headlights, but otherwise the similarities with other Lynk & Co are minimal, however, there are no obvious borrowings from other brands.

It looks like the third-generation Volvo XC90 will retain the front-wheel drive SPA platform with a transverse engine arrangement, that is, Lynk & Co 09 will be a “relative” not only of the current Volvo XC90, but also of its successor.

It is expected that the Chinese will allow buyers of “nines” to choose between mechanical all-wheel drive with a rear axle clutch, and electric all-wheel drive with an electric motor in the rear wheel drive. The transmission has no alternative – 8-speed “automatic” Aisin.

In addition to the usual non-electrified versions, there are two types of hybrid power plants: moderate HEV and rechargeable PHEV. Recoil will range from 252 (conventional 2.0) to 431 (2.0 and electric) horsepower.

The public premiere of Lynk & Co 09 will take place shortly, but the date of the debut has not yet been disclosed. The nine will enter the domestic Chinese market before the end of the year. For export, Lynk & Co models are not yet supplied as actively as the line of the parent company Geely, but as the range expands, the situation may change.

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