Another crossover on the basis of the Geely Volvo

Another crossover on the basis of the Geely Volvo


Last spring in Beijing has allowed to appreciate the novelties of the automotive manufacturers from around the world. There’s also their offspring have shown the brand Geely. On the eve of the network has published a teaser with the technical data of the model.

The cross was built on a modular platform BMA developed joint works with Volvo. Now the Ministry of industry of China has enlarged the engine for the new, mysterious Turbotronic to 1.5 liters. 177 impact forces attractive to the SUV, not exceeding in length 4600 mm. the Power plant ensures briskness and agility in the city and in a small coupe with a curb weight a little Geely will be the main on the road.


Based on patent images, the mass version of SUV is markedly different from the concept. Immediately struck by the shape of the rear doors and opening principle. Version Cadillac “Ala door-vests” refused. All these Chinese would be expensive. Classic side mirrors instead of cameras present.

Simple led headlights, rear LED-matrix with the usual Geely pattern. By the way, the design of the handles went original. Depending on the version of the future owner is expected or normal or hidden solutions. Front Geely borrowed from the concept Icon.

Interior Geely performed in the format of a concept Icon. SUV received identical media with large Central air vents and traditional tidy refused. Soon the cross has all the chances to get a hybrid propulsion system from Volvo. All-wheel drive in the range is missing. Sales deployed by the fall and only in China. Two years later, the model has a chance to get out to other markets.

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