Another defect was found in Polestar 2 electric cars

Another defect was found in Polestar 2 electric cars


The problem was detected in the high-voltage heater of the cooling liquid of cars.

Recall that the Swedish brand Polestar has previously recalled all sold electric fastbacks with an index of 2. then customers complained that power was cut off due to a failure in the SOFTWARE. As a result, it turned out that the reason for this was a defective inverter. After that, 4 thousand 568 electric vehicles were recalled, 2 thousand of which have already been transferred to buyers.

Now it has become known about the start of a new service campaign, which will affect 3 thousand 150 electric cars Polestar 2. As the publication reports, the recall campaign starts on November 2. The new recall of electric vehicles is related to a problem in a high-voltage coolant heater.

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