Another former critic criticizes the appearance of modern BMWs

Another former critic criticizes the appearance of modern BMWs


In November of last year, BMW presented the Concept XM show car – the most powerful SUV of the brand, which will become serial. Moreover, despite the lukewarm reception given to the concept by the public, BMW promised to retain up to 90 percent of the external elements for the “commercial” model. Now, two months later, the former designer of the Bavarian brand, Frank Stevenson, spoke about the Concept XM. The criticism turned out to be emotional: according to him, it is possible that today’s artists are simply “crazy”.

Stevenson spoke most negatively about the type of assembly, calling it “the most ridiculous” in all the 100 years of automotive design he studied. He noted the over-accentuated wheel arches and “caricatured short” front overhang, as well as the many design lines, each with its own direction and claim to dominance, causing visual confusion. As for the front end, here the designer criticized the tiny headlights that visually enlarge the already giant “nostrils” of the radiator grill.

However, there were some positive aspects. There were only two of them: the first was a one-piece hood, which descends from both sides to the wheel arches, and the second is a black line that unites the door handles and creates a sense of order on the side.

According to Stevenson, the reason why BMW chose the controversial design direction may be a deliberate desire to make “ugly cars” in order to return to the old style and win back the love of consumers. According to his second theory, BMW combines the most unattractive features in order to build something unprecedented out of them. But it is possible that the designers just “went crazy”, summed up Stevenson.

BMW XM is an iconic model for the brand, which will not only be the first hybrid of the M division, but also its first independent car since the 70s of the last century, as well as the most powerful BMW SUV. The power plant of the show car produces 750 horsepower and 1000 Nm of torque, and the electric range is 80 kilometers.

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