Another image of the new VW Amarok

Another image of the new VW Amarok


A year after the publication of the first teaser, the brand showed another image – on it the model looks much more realistic.

The fresh teaser is still a design sketch, but it gives more idea about the appearance of the future novelty than the sketchy last year. For example, the more detailed image shows the Amarok in a double cab configuration with doorknobs that were missing from the early teaser. In addition, roof rails and a diode “chandelier” appeared on the roof, and a protective arch in the body.

However, there are clear differences in design from the earlier sketch: Volkswagen changed the shape of the fog light blocks, the design of the thresholds and the radiator grill, as well as the X-shaped panel, the upper part of which is now made in black. Orange accents and angular wheel arches remained in place, but the wheels and tires themselves were significantly reduced in size. The hood retained its relief, but became flatter.

As part of the cooperation between Volkswagen and Ford in the field of commercial vehicles, the new generation Amarok will be technically unified with the Ford Ranger. The production of the German pickup truck will begin in 2022 at the Ford Silverton assembly plant in South Africa, which will also receive the new Ranger. Earlier it became known about a large-scale modernization of the plant, in which the American brand has invested $ 1.05 billion. The result should be an expansion of production capacity to 200 thousand vehicles per year.

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