Another “killer”: the Chinese introduced a new competitor Tesla Model S

Another “killer”: the Chinese introduced a new competitor Tesla Model S


The Chinese company Xpeng Motors displays on the home market electric sedan Xiaopeng P7, which exceeds the reserve on a single charge even the long-range Tesla Model S and is thus twice cheaper. On assurances of the manufacturer, on a single charge electric car rides 706 kilometers, and prices start from 229,9 thousand yuan.

On the novelty known that it will get different versions with rear or all-wheel drive and a battery with a capacity of 70.8 or 80.9 per kilowatt-hour. To replenish energy by 80 and 30 percent of the required 28 and 31 minutes respectively. The reserve will vary from 568 from the base sedan to 706 kilometers at the option of the Super-Long Rang. For comparison, Tesla Model S Long Range passes Plus 627 kilometers.

In length the sedan reaches 4900 millimetres, and wheelbase is 3000 mm. The dimensions of the Tesla Model S – 4980 and 2960 millimetres, respectively. The drag coefficient of the Chinese elektrosetey is of 0.236 vs of 0.24 in Model S.


Xiaopeng P7 got the autopilot XPilot third level (like Tesla): the system is focused on the road thanks to 14 cameras (one with a high-precision positioning), 12 ultrasonic sensors and five high-frequency radar.

The lounge area has a 10.25-inch LCD display, which displays the performance of devices. He blends 14.96-inch touch screen multimedia system.

Delivery Xiaopeng P7 scheduled for June of this year. Prices for the model range from 229,9 thousand to 339,9 thousand yuan ($32 500-$48 000). The cost of the Model S 75D is 782,9 thousand yuan ($110 600).

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