Another rare Porsche 911 today. Now 930

Another rare Porsche 911 today. Now 930


British auction house Coys auctioned unique Gemballa Avalanche 1986, built on the basis of the Porsche 911 series 930. It is believed that only the German company has released 15 of these machines. Each received a package of improvements from the Ruf.

Coupe Gemballa Avalanche debuted in 1985 and was worth at that time about 700 thousand dollars. From the donor sports car featured a more aggressive body kit, fully modified under requirements of the customer interior and mechanical improvements from the Ruf. Buyers “Avalanche” basically were the stars of show business and businessmen, particularly on such a car went Vanilla Ice.

Model Avalanche was powered by a boxer “turbosystems” 3.4 capacity of 374 horsepower and 480 Nm of torque. Traction at the rear wheels is transmitted through five-speed “mechanics” Ruf with circuit switching dog-leg (the first gear is in place the second). The equipment of the sports car was also part of a bifurcated exhaust system and 17-inch alloy wheels HRE Performance wheels, shod in tires Michelin Pilot SX.


Price rare Porsche is not specified. However, in 2017 at Sotheby’s auction it was estimated at 145 000-180 000 pounds (180 300-223 $ 800). On the website Ruf car is now offered for 199 950 pounds ($248 600).

Gemballa announced the latest project is called Avalanche, but with the prefix 4×4. It will be off-road modification of the Porsche 911 of the previous generation, with a carbon fiber body and a huge rear wing with two planes.

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