Another smartphone maker takes on electric cars

Another smartphone maker takes on electric cars


Another Chinese smartphone company has decided to try its hand at the automotive segment: Oppo wants to launch its own electric vehicles. Earlier it became known about ambitions in this area from Huawei and Xiaomi.

The Oppo brand may not be so well known, but on the world stage it is one of the largest players. In the first quarter of 2021, it occupied 11% of the smartphone segment. Oppo is the core of BBK Electronics, which manufactures a wide range of consumer electronics products. Collectively, Oppo and two other BBK subsidiaries – Vivo and Realme – account for 25% of the global smartphone market! That’s more than anyone, including Apple. Oppo sold 112 million smartphones in China alone in 2020.

According to Chinese newspaper Xiuxiushai, Oppo founder and CEO Tony Chen has already begun assembling a team to take on the automotive project.

Chen himself did not confirm this information, but pointedly stated:

“If carmakers can’t make good cars, and Oppo has the strength, we’ll try it in the future.”

Over the past two weeks, Chen has reportedly met with representatives from CATL, one of the largest manufacturers of electric vehicle batteries.

Oppo has also recently filed many patents related to self-driving, including distance measuring devices, cameras and vehicle positioning equipment.

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