Another thing: Nissan Juke turned into a rally car

Another thing: Nissan Juke turned into a rally car


Nissan has unveiled the Juke Rally Tribute concept based on the Datsun 240Z racing car that won the East African Rally half a century ago. The crossover visually resembles the famous ancestor, but under the hood it has a high-tech filling – a hybrid power plant. The developers do not specify its parameters, and the machine itself, most likely, exists only in the form of renders.

The concept drew inspiration from the historic 240Z, the winner of the 1971 East African Rally, as well as the Gripz prototype, the debut of the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show and the forerunner of the production Nissan Juke. In the image of a rally car, the crossover received a black hood with two spotlights, increased ground clearance and off-road tires. There are two spare wheels in the trunk – but for this it was necessary to dismantle the glass of the fifth door.

Nothing is said about the hybrid power plant of the show car. The production Juke is powered by a 117-horsepower HR10DDT liter turbo unit, so the hybrid drive could be borrowed from the new Nissan Qashqai. The third-generation crossover has three of them: two moderate types based on a 1.3 turbo engine and a sequential e-Power system with a 1.5 VC Turbo engine.

The rally Datsun 240Z, meanwhile, was equipped with an inline-six 2.4 with a return of 210 horsepower. In 2013, the car, which was driven 50 years ago by German-born Kenyan racer Edgar Herrmann, was restored to its original condition. It is now in a private Nissan Heritage collection located in the Japanese city of Zama.

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