Anthony Joshua in a V8 Defender Taxi

Anthony Joshua in a V8 Defender Taxi


Anthony Joshua, world heavyweight boxing champion, catches a lift with TopGear Magazine’s Jack Rix… in a 400bhp Land Rover Defender Works V8. Welcome to Taxi! TAXI:AJ talks about the prospect of a Deontay Wilder showdown, names his three favourite heavyweights of all time, recalls his first ever training session, takes the wheel himself and tucks into some nutritious road snacks. This is AJ’s most relaxed and honest interview to date. TopGear Taxi is a new video series from TopGear Magazine. Every episode features a new celebrity in a different (and entirely inappropriate) car being taken wherever they need to go. Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Car Walkarounds: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. Make sure you’re subscribed to the official YouTube channel:

they live in the devil Oh mr. Walker defintiely well thank you very much I’ll be your driver today I’ll open your door full service don’t worry about I’ll do you sure yeah so this is the defender yeah I’ll tell you what first things first what’s like all you AJ and AJ AJ yeah you were in Italy I started off with mr. Joshua so we’re we’re going to have you gone in the center is London lucky cuz I just what are you really gonna use it to that screen touchscreen delivering phones with this size let’s just do this enough I so I’ve learned already is this clothes for someone who’s very organised someone who’s very organized and someone with small fingers so don’t think we’re gonna be using like the off-roading around Finchley but their power steering no I brought along some snacks here now you might want to take that back I just went to shop I thought I’m gonna get some personalized snacks for AJ just a few things you know he likes to stay in shape so ultimately it’s that energy let’s see how well-behaved you up a half-open dip down oats go hungry on the way we get pulled over the old boo gonna be looking at all that white powder with some Yorkie extra protein but these are real old-school well man your keys so that’s what I’m saying and well it was obviously yes my hands ASA buddies orthography if I have what 10 15 of these same sizes in other ways your way the same is yeah this is looking good yes this is looking good no come on tell me you’re not in distant this this takes me back to Jamaica actually so I thought yeah yeah that’s a ring per one time yeah I’m a big shop said you just crack it and she got straw down what’s interesting for anything it’s hydrating you know we’re told to drink water alone but nobody needs more than water just to hydrate also I’ve never really seen a coconut this small when you think about it you’ve never seen a coconut that expensive 3 quit that was serious you might as well start importing coconuts they saw me coming round certified raw coconut water yeah this is good for me all right is there anything else that’s good for you I’ve got built on the last built on I’ve never had bottle thunks just like em yeah there’s just crazy good I suspect they’re a bit too fattening for you but the thing is if you don’t need them always I think it sounds like you kind of shop for yourself without having me in mind God’s that Ganju break your break yes sec the boxing link what interesting right so you go go go stop whoa mm-hmm jawbreaker yeah the one that when bar you see you’re getting extra protein yep dip dad the dip in the devil sang fantastics just you know so what is your alright you’re on a road trip let me see what else I’ll be but one more pass the bill time see it’s basically because like running on their down an animal market and just pick us up from monkey flesh or something like that I mean I don’t want to be you know are fizzing yeah I remember these if you want to just shovel some of that in your mouth will probably pick up on the microphone so isn’t this the time when a boxer you should be shoveling pine chips in your face livin it up where you can because pretty soon you’re gonna be a lockdown again yeah interestingly so I finished training last night and my mouth from Spain’s over yeah I don’t got much but they take good care of us when we’re away yeah yeah I went to see him and justice was about to leave they brought over the biggest plate of like ten waffles ice cream you know or what’s that chocolate yeah a sauce for that sir and in a big bowl of fruit so it was like that you know yeah you know that moment when it’s like the angel and the devil on one side so what you go for the fruit obviously so that’s why you’re a champion see I would just fold at the first hurdle I’m not the most talented person and I’ll be the first to admit that but what sets me apart I think is the 1% yeah is there discipline and those little things I think that kind of set me apart so if I stopped doing those things I think then it’ll be a lot easier for me to get beat and I can’t really afford to lose right and what were you I see you’re still in touch with your roots you’re down and the Finchley boxing gym that’s where I pick you up today what are you doing today so I always train yes I’m saying even though I’m not fighting next week or the week after I’m just making sure I train come down see the coaches the adults the kids yeah Genoa is officially it’s a community-based gym all right and it’s open to everyone and yeah I’m still there still they haven’t moved on it’s been ten years now the first time always in the gym yeah I’m still going back yeah ten years do you remember your remember your first training session yeah I remember just driving back down this road as a driver now because I was in I live in Golders Green yeah and I remember saying pull over pull over and I’m just throwing up like three times on the way back but it was like all the negative toxic waste and stuff I had in my body yeah just kind of finding its way out and replenishing myself yeah so I didn’t look at boxing as that I want to be a boxer for hang on a minute it just shows how unhealthy and how naive I have yeah I even been in terms of looking after my body yeah so I looked it as a way to kind of get fit take care of myself so I read somewhere yeah that um you actually prefer driving to being driven yeah aren’t you gonna wash if I could drive this yeah yeah yeah I was gonna say I’m literally thinking you’ve got to try this yeah why don’t get another chance to drive this car with this engine there’s so special 150 then 50 grand in the range you’re having to drive yeah take care of our welcome to the Land Rover experience Oh how do I see well how do I move it that’s it anything you can you sure oh all right so you’re up for driving I was off for driving and you don’t fit this car was it based on a 70 year old model yeah like originally it’s a 70 this is your see on that there’s a badge on the side this is celebrating 70 years of Land Rover production so there weren’t guys as big as me but then there’s no it’s depressing me if I look how much space of that look camera like my legs are far away bugs are that makes sense I used my genetic makeup to my advantage I love that I was so looking forward to driving this car I was as well it was like a bit I had this whole thing to it we wouldn’t have been stuck in this traffic as actually you people down the outside what about your walk-ons then who choreographs those what like the go on the stage you’re big you’re big walk-ons before that’s actually like the the arena arena yeah that’s kind of what you so we hire the arena and these are the expertise and stuff that come with hiring it to bring war fire and they do the audio checks I come over someone rat me out like check the sound system yeah the song I’m playing I have to have in advance so they can check the acoustics yeah it’s quiet it’s a lot that goes into it but I freaking out honestly why I wanted to do stuff like that and have the arena heavily involved is because I wanted to be a situation where people who came to my face came for an event it wasn’t just about I’m going to watch the boxing it was a harm going to the event so it was a night out for people and that’s kind of like the razzmatazz in the entertainment side of things that we try provide yeah well I just love the fact I think it’s genius the fact that you’re you’re there on this sort of rising platform shadowboxing your name your initials in flames yeah yeah and your opponents just standing there in just look at this wine wine knock his head off yeah that’s exactly what I think what I’ll be confident in this business is it’s an entertainment you know it’s an entertaining business as well so you’ve got to give them that aspect yeah yeah and have you ever thought about taking those walk-ons even further you know I’m talking about like had a couple of ideas you parachute in yeah drop you’re at a plane and you parachute into the arena and land in the ring it might take a bit practice but I’m just saying we can zoom in a bit water oceans supposed to do that like human cannon you’ve seen that do you see notices yeah we doing here in Canada I’m just saying I’m the only one coming up with ideas here what could I do do you know what I’d have to do what I would like yeah is is maybe bring in you know 200 kids from disadvantaged backgrounds yeah they’re kind of ringg water me yeah that’d be good that’s class yeah experience that or coming on my crop motocross bike yeah I could’ve actually could have my gloves on yeah yeah because have that special big handlebars coming on the back of 1 which would be class that’d be nice walking with lions you don’t see enough yeah don’t do all of these at once Lions motocross bike loads of children yeah maybe so space it out of it look at there’s a limbo well so you can fit in that one cuz it’s a convert called verbal route no it’s actually my leg space is it yes my leg space to have issues it well as as you just demonstrated with this car here so this is the big one this is where your how do you keep your teeth so white my team that way up no examine alleyway yeah I asked I asked around the office they went hey Jake if you stick some babies the first place the first time you ever been asked there our cake may be a good I don’t remember the last time I drank a fizzy drink that was a long time ago you’re listening kids I remember the last time actually drank a fizzy drink that’s what I said I really going to box it for health reasons the Navy a lot I love that healthy food just ended up knocking alright and so do you you still live at home with your mum it’s all right yeah is it because you’ve got so much boxing kit to wash George our clocks I realize I’m not home much yeah so if I was to move out then I wouldn’t be a family man yeah so what happens is that when I’m at home you know the times I am is at times I can’t spend with my family and I hear you play chess Joe’s weird it’s like I don’t even really have time to play chess anymore yeah but I know these things like read in and chess and board games are good for me so I do tend to play now and again to be honest with you yeah and that came around due to the fact that when I first went into boxing I saw a study in the industry believe it or not even though we’re all kind of reckless flip tables and swear yeah some boxers are very intelligent due to the fact that they have a lot of time away from trainers so they tend to read fine stuff to kind of keep their brain active and chess was one of those things and that’s why it’s writers and that Klitschkos certainly Klitschko’s he’s a lot of PhD dr. Klitschko but on the chest thing so I don’t have you heard this but Freddie Flintoff so ex-england cricket player now one of the new Top Gear presenters okay yeah it’s just been announced he’s one of the top gear TV pretenders he plays a bit of chess he used to play chess at like county level yeah when he was younger so here’s what I’m thinking night we set up a match you versus Flintoff I’ll promote it hundred seas can i crack this our coconut water open look sure good point alright boxing questions now you’re nice and hydrated Anthony Joshua best three heavyweights of all time of all time yeah Jack Johnson because of the era he was in diverse easier to overcome and he was the best he was beating everyone worldwide to the point where that kind of politically take their bow away from him okay it’s a professional right yeah I mean Ali there was a civil rights movement happening in America / worldwide that he so he used his platform to preach to a wider audience about the issues and oppression that his community was facing and took it to a global stage and you know as I said sometimes when you’re boxing and you talk a lot people want to see you get beat as you said I you like the flames and all that stuff he kind of you know use his platform dedicated himself to his craft and kind of kept people’s mouths closed but their ears wide open to the message was trying to send and he passed legendary status and became an icon of the sport so Muhammad Ali number two and if you know it’s my reasons aren’t just because of their talent inside the ring I liked his uppercut you know he’s died that’s good but it’s more so what they stand for as men mm-hmm because people will forget like what you do but I remember like what you did or what you say sure those words and actions was that’s a longer lasting legacy also nice and negative sadly I am Mike Tyson for me because what I going to box in you know as I said I started falling in love with it and then when I left I am Mike what I love from him yeah he was a kid from Brooklyn I went for a love issue that young age I read his book I don’t know him personally I read his book and it spoke spoke about some of the issues he went through said I was naked enough okay this was a kid he was in jail what took a jail they took him to Catskill boxing gym waiting met custom motto and they turned this young boy into one of the most ferocious devastating heavyweights that I have ever watched and what I learned from that is that it’s just how you apply yourself in boxing so it wasn’t like this kid was like nurture from a young age and they kept him away from all the madness gave him coconut water every day and and and then you know he wasn’t like that he was just a rough kid that had his issues they tuned to a boxing gym and they conditioned his mind to think like a champion so I realized that you know if I adapt myself and think like a champion I could become a champion all right so if you had to have one fight right your dream fight any fighter from any era who would you go up against where would you fight I always say like Linux let’s Lewis you vs. Lennox yeah he’s active he’s still talking about box until this day you know he was a British heavyweight and I think like he’ll be the best of bread big fight that big what if the fans demanded it here and it will be at when we leave yeah and I’ve got to ask you who’s gonna win Wilding or fury I’m bearing your money okay bear in mind by the time this video comes out we’ll know oh yeah don’t care about waste my time yeah but since you asked that since you asked so I have to fight well done so I need wild it’s a win yep yeah if Walter wins you fight him in April was that the venue set the date is available all I need is wilder to kind of agreed the terms in all my career when I fought I fought champions multiple or for multiple world title challenges and I’ve managed to kind of focus on the fight more so than than the negotiations but with water I seem to see that it’s more about the negotiations then it is the fight so I’m having issues so it’s not up to me whether he fights or not it’s up to him and his team but if they believe that they’re good enough to beat me then they have the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow yeah you know so you can’t you can’t expect up the pot garden into the rainbow without foraging through the forest and going through you know some tough times so what I’m saying is don’t worry about the pot of gold just yet it’s there but fight let’s fight first and prove who the best of the heavyweight division is right now and that’s that’s what I feel it is so and if it’s not him then I walk continue with my boxing crap I can’t sit around waiting for him yeah and so by that when when you start your training camp for April is it already might already started always coconut water no fish yeah have you spoken to Lennox about sort of retiring and I’m not so I think because is there there’s not a moment is there when you just you know you hit the bag and you go ah that’s it my shoulders not something yeah I think you know I think is well I remember it was different so you have to look at from an injury perspective and a vice perspective a medical one a spiritual one yeah the signs in life that telling you what is different I should say you have to ask you you know oil linux about retirement and i could just take it from his point of view but there are so many different ways that you can think about about why people retire it’s not just probably like I just can’t perform as well some people will just love the sport and I don’t care that again some people damage their legacy yeah as they don’t retire but they just love the game so I keep coming back yeah but I love Maine yeah yeah it’s interesting yeah it’s weird you must still get nervous right a bit yeah do you know what it is right yes I already looking like the entry and exit it’s the same route and I’m yet to walk out that exit route with a taste of de-feet in my mouth but it’s scary because you know like as I said it’s one route entry and exit and it’s that route of glory that you’re preparing for you never prepare for it to be late so I don’t know it’s just a weird feeling and I’ll just be interesting like to see how people react and the fans and yeah a heavy way you don’t lose you lose bad when you lose is bad yeah you get knocked out you get hurt it’s not a game and that’s why I worry about is this fast fact you’re almost curious about what would happen if if you didn’t have a perfect record yeah reputation and stuff yeah there’s a [ __ ] in your armor that people still love you people still know you trust me it’s nice people like winning they like winners every RIT they’ll be a traffic but we go in the end thing we lie here in the end got here in the end multiple Drive you know oh you got the the premier chauffeur in the land driving you around it’s um anyway thank you thank you for your time your gentlemen your efforts creation you’re a you’re a role model well yeah you know I wish you the best in your fight in April I’ll do my best that’s all one can do that would be 45 quid please [Laughter] you

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