Any car can now be turned into a “diner on wheels”


The Polish company Camportable showed a mobile kitchen that is almost in no way inferior to a conventional one. In the stowed position, it is a compact box that is attached to the towbar.

Recommend RBC-Ukraine Auto about what to do with Campportable.

This almost full-fledged kitchen will be a good solution for those who love outings in nature, but do not want to bother with buying a camper. The box made of plywood sheathed with aluminum has dimensions of 120x64x60 centimeters and is attached to the towbar using a special mount. Moreover, for any car.

Inside, there is a gas stove with two burners, a sink with a faucet and a 14-liter Dometic refrigerator – and it can not only cool food, but also work as a heater if the temperature outside has gone into a deep minus. There is a 10-liter tank with separate tanks for clean and used water, as well as a gas cylinder.

Like a conventional kitchen, Camortable Kitchen is equipped with cabinets for cooking supplies, and with lockable locks. The total weight of the kitchenette is about 38 kilograms.

The company will show optional equipment later this year. Prices for the mobile kitchen have not yet been announced.

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