Appeared fresh details about Ducati Superleggera

Appeared fresh details about Ducati Superleggera


Interesting not only for the motorcycle itself, but also its price, and how the manufacturer has disseminated information about it.

Ducati boss Claudio Domenicali has decided not to use the traditional ways of broadcasting, abandoning the usual press sources. Instead, it is sent to VIP clients of the e-mail about the mysterious “project 1708”, which hides a Superleggera, and provide a link-go to no less mysterious closed for most of the web page containing the parameters of the motorcycle. Internet information resources access are not possessed, but there were kind people who shared classified information.

New shocks are already on paper. Apparently, she’s armed with a 998-CC engine V4 from V4 homologation Panigale R, which develops 224 HP at 15 to 250 rpm and 234 HP with an exhaust system Akrapovic. A reminder of the racing entity sportbike and equipment companies to the world of Motorsport will not only provide the coloring style grasping prototype Desmocedici gp19 is, but the winglets borrowed from Desmocedici GP16. They generate 50 kg of downforce at speed of 270 km/h – 67% more than the aerodynamic elements V4 R, and gp19 is are the envy of their effectiveness.


Special pride for the engineers of Ducati is a significant reduction in weight is the dry weight of the motorcycle is just 152 kg, which is 20 kg less than the Panigale R. V4’s to sportbike fully lives up to its name (Superleggera – superlight in Italian), it facilitated in all possible ways, from carbon-fiber tail, finishing with other camshafts and drive racing chain Regina ORAW2.

Control shot makes the cost sportbike – 100 thousand dollars.

The release is limited to 500 copies, production will begin in April.

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