Appeared the first images of the coupe-crossover KIA space design

Appeared the first images of the coupe-crossover KIA space design


The company KIA has shared the first images of the concept Futuron, which debuts November 10. The car is a two-door crossover kupeobrazny body and huge wheels. Sleek lines, pointed faces on the sides and tail give it the appearance of a flying saucer.

The new name combines the words future (“future”) and on (“turn”), which hints at future electric cars of the brand. About KIA Futuron know that he got the autopilot, all-wheel drive and a fully electric powertrain with four electric motors that are powered by batteries of high capacity. The details in the company yet do not press. But the articulated vehicle dimensions: in length it reaches 4850 mm, height of 1550 mm and wheelbase is 3000 mm.


Mentioned autopilot corresponds to the fourth level, which implies non-interference of the person in control of the car. The concept has a landing formula 2+2 and, judging by the picture of the cabin, the front seats can be decomposed almost horizontally.

The public debut of KIA Futuron will be held in Shanghai during the China international import Expo.

Last spring in Geneva, the South Korean brand has Imagine shown by KIA – concept with a 21 display on the front panel. Then the company explained that the number of screens is “comic retaliation” for automakers that seek to increase the size of the displays in front of the driver.

What power predicted concept?

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