Apple CarPlay users at risk

Apple CarPlay users at risk


After the iPhones received an operating system update to iOS 15, the use of CarPlay was at risk. The problem lies in the volume controls, and if, when listening to music, the driver can choose the most camphor sound for him, then the situation with alerts is much worse.

Therefore, after receiving a phone call or text message, the volume of notifications will be insanely high, which can completely shock the driver and lead to sad consequences. CarPlay users have reportedly already started complaining about the issue.

Recently, CarPlay users started to struggle with volume controls in their cars due to a bug in Waze, but updates released by a Google-owned company seem to have solved the problem.

On the other hand, some of the people currently experiencing this strange sound error still have Waze installed on their iPhones. So in theory, the latest iOS updates might not necessarily be the culprit this time around, as problems could be caused by an app like Waze.

Unfortunately, neither Waze nor Apple have commented on the issue in any way, so it remains to be seen if there is any information that could help users cope with the volume clutter that is now plaguing CarPlay.

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