Apple patents ‘smart light’

Apple patents ‘smart light’


A document filed by Apple with the US Patent and Trademark Office describes an area lighting system that automatically illuminates areas of the interior as needed. Cameras and sensors determine where to turn on the lights.

Alternatively, the cameras can detect when the driver of the self-driving car is pulling out a book or magazine and automatically turn on the reading light. If a person falls asleep, cameras can see that their eyes are closed and turn off the lights, and then use lamps to wake them up as the vehicle approaches its destination.

Naturally, the system can also be configured to interact with the Siri voice assistant.

This is one of several patent applications that Apple has filed for automotive technology. Among others, there is a system that detects cracks in windows, a sensor housing and a holographic head-up display. Reports that Apple is working on a fully autonomous electric vehicle, sometimes referred to as Project Titan, have begun to surface more and more.

A December 2020 report says Apple plans to launch a production car in 2024 with revolutionary battery technology. It was later reported that Apple had hired a Porsche chassis engineer for the project, and Hyundai confirmed that it was discussing a manufacturing partnership with Apple.

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