Apple supplier is going to occupy 10% of the global electric car market

Apple supplier is going to occupy 10% of the global electric car market


Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn, known primarily as a leading supplier of components and assembler of products for Apple, announced its intention to enter the market of electric vehicles, according to Reuters.

We are talking about the production of batteries and batteries, as well as communication modules that allow you to connect cars to the Internet. In addition, in 2024, Foxconn promises to start producing its own solid-state batteries.

The company’s plans are very ambitious. By 2027, the concern intends to produce components for 3 million electric vehicles annually and in 2025-2027 to occupy 10% of the global electric car market.

Previously, there were many rumors that Apple was also developing its own electric car, or at least ready to create and sell the necessary technologies to other carmakers. However, over time, Apple increasingly began to deny such information.

It is possible that some preliminary developments were actually carried out together with our partners. As a result, Apple abandoned the project, and Foxconn now wants to make money on joint developments independently.

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