Apple will teach the iPhone to control some functions of the car

Apple will teach the iPhone to control some functions of the car


Apple is working on a new project that will take CarPlay capabilities to a new level, Bloomberg reports, citing sources close to the tech giant. A system that integrates the iPhone’s interface into the car’s “multimedia” will gain access to many functions and will be able to control, for example, the climate system and seats. The project, codenamed IronHeart, is currently in its early stages.

According to sources, the system will be able to measure the temperature inside and outside the car, control the audio system, power seats and armrests, gain access to the speedometer and tachometer, and monitor the fuel level.

Thus, the upcoming version of CarPlay will cover almost the entire car and eliminate the need to switch between the Apple interface and the built-in system. Such a move will make interaction with the car more convenient for iPhone owners, but may not be very popular among automakers, according to Bloomberg.

Introduced in 2014, CarPlay is currently supported by over 600 vehicles. She has tried to go beyond the infotainment functionality before: in 2019, with the update, CarPlay began to interact with digital dashboards, and a year later, CarKey appeared, which allows you to unlock the car using an iPhone or Apple Watch. In addition, the iPhone has learned to track the location of the electric vehicle and the level of its battery charge.

Auto companies are reluctant to let Apple take control of new systems. For example, the ability to use CarPlay on other screens is supported only by a few brands, including BMW and Volkswagen, and CarKey has found a response only from BMW.

As for Apple’s own car, about which the company does not publish any information, its debut is unlikely to take place in the coming years. The automotive project is currently led by Kevin Lynch, a software developer for the Apple Watch. In addition to him, several former top managers of Tesla and Ulrich Krantz, who moved from BMW’s electric vehicles division, are working on it. In September, it was reported about a possible deal with Toyota regarding the battery of Apple’s firstborn.

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