Apple’s iCar: displays instead of glass

Apple’s iCar: displays instead of glass


Recently, an incredible hype has arisen around the alleged car from Apple – about once a week there are rumors on the network that the company is negotiating with major market players for contract production of new items. However, this is always followed by a denial from officials or news that the companies have not agreed.

Now, the US Patent and Trademark Office has published documents stating that Apple will use the windows of its car as screens. According to the published data, OLED panels with variable brightness will be used as transparent elements in the car. These screens will be used to display useful information and will be linked to the vehicle’s entertainment system.

Apple is reportedly focused on developing a new type of battery that will be cheaper to manufacture and will be an excellent source of energy for the electric vehicles of the future. As mentioned above, Apple still does not know who exactly will produce the car for it. Earlier, Korean Hyundai and KIA, as well as Japanese Nissan, claimed the title of a contract manufacturer.

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