Aprilia has patented the design of a serial motorcycle

Aprilia has patented the design of a serial motorcycle

Conceptual projectile, presented at last year’s EICMA exhibition in 2018, on the way to the conveyor belt decided not to change.

Company Aprilia has patented the design of a serial of motorcycle, based on the concept of RS660. After photospin captured the prototype during testing on the track might seem that the bike will be different from the experimental version, but as we see now, that’s not – “plastic rockets” look almost identical. Almost – because there are differences at least in nuances.

Serial motorcycle on the patent images, there is no Ohlins suspension components and Brembo brake calipers Stylema. They were replaced by more simple fork Sachs and staples easier. However, it is possible that the splendor that existed in the Arsenal of the concept will receive a more advanced modification. In General, the decision maker we endorse and support, because the concept looks stunning! Such motorcycle should appear on the roads.

An interesting feature of RS660 will be a two-cylinder engine, which is a half unit V4 with a volume of 1078 cubic cm from sportbike Aprilia RSV4 Factory. We believe, for driving properties of the new product can be one of the most impressive “of sestito” on the market. The debut is expected in late 2019.