APU received the first batch of broneikos Novator

APU received the first batch of broneikos Novator


Several dozen armoured special pickups “Novator” production company “Ukrainian armored vehicles,” was transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. SBA Novator made on the chassis of Ford F550 and is equipped with a 6.7-liter turbodiesel producing 300 HP and automatic transmission.

His armored housing with degree of protection of PSSA-4, capable of withstanding the firing of ammunition 7.62 mm x 51 at a distance of 30 m, to protect against fragments of exploding shells at distances up to 100 m and undermining of anti-personnel mines and explosive devices underneath. The car is equipped with anti-mine seats in accordance with standard STANAG 4569 and sertificirovannim standard NATO Aer-55

Total weight of UAB “Novator” – 8845 kg. the Car has a cabin 5 fighters, and in the body can carry a weight of up to 1.5 T.


Novator develops a maximum speed of 140 km\h on the highway and has a cruising range of 700 km In the APU, its counterpart are armored vehicles Kraz Spartan, which was purchased in 2014-2015.

Also it is an analogue of an armored car Bogdan leopard-8, made on the chassis of the Dodge Ram and Kozak-5. However, the “Innovator” is implemented in a different way. His body can also be seats for soldiers of the landing, or designated for mounting the stretcher, but the main emphasis is on transporting goods in hazardous areas under cover.

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