Arab sheikhs are setting the trend on the “marble” cars

Arab sheikhs are setting the trend on the “marble” cars

More and more owners of luxury vehicles prefer to wrap them in marble film. This time the UK caught 812 Superfast Ferrari and Bentley Bentayga in marble, with Arabic numbers.

More gaining popularity “marble” cars. Even the British Fox News channel turned its attention on two luxury Ferrari Superfast 812 and Bentley Bentayga caught on the streets of London. Both TS were the Arabic numbers, and different body style of white marble.


How much is this color car is hard to judge. Also difficult to assess, and the witnesses.

“The owner obviously thinks it’s fashionable, but to me these cars look ridiculous,” said one of the residents of the British capital.

But it is worth noting that in a network of similar vehicles gain the greatest number of “likes” and accolades. Before instagram there were pictures of the Lamborghini Urus and the Bugatti Chiron in the same colour, which has garnered thousands of positive reviews.

How do you like these textures? His would be pasted?

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