Are convertibles impractical? Tell us this Renault Megane! (video)

Are convertibles impractical? Tell us this Renault Megane! (video)


We often joke that convertibles offer unlimited headroom, just drop the top. But, as it turned out, such models can be used for transporting long loads. The owner of this Renault Megane is transporting at least five PVC pipes.

The video was filmed in Craiova, Romania. The situation was aggravated by the fact that it was pouring rain outside, but this did not force the driver to abandon the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtransporting a long car. The car behind, filming everything on a video recorder, chased the pickup for more than five minutes.

To pay tribute to the owner of the open Renault Megane, the pipes were fixed securely enough, in any case, they did not dangle, while the driver was driving along the rather busy streets of the city. However, the idea is still bad for several reasons: firstly, in the event of an accident, pipes pose a great danger, and secondly, they can simply fall and damage another car when making a maneuver.

What happened to the cabin, which was literally flooded with water throughout the trip, is unknown. And here we are asking a logical question: is the delivery service in Romania so expensive that it is cheaper to transport pipes on a Renault Megane Cabrio in the rain, providing ourselves with a number of problems with further restoration of the interior?

In addition to all, the police may have questions to the owner: not only does he carry dangerous goods on vehicles that are not suitable for this, he also does not turn on the turn signals when making maneuvers, which could provoke an accident.

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