Are electric cars setting a new sales record?

Are electric cars setting a new sales record?


The organization Transport & Environment gave its forecast for the volume of sales of new cars with an electric component in the European market. By the end of the year, sales of such cars can grow three times, and the share will be 0.1% of all cars sold on the European continent. An even more optimistic forecast is made for 2021 – next year, the share of “green” cars is quite capable of growing to 15%.

This is facilitated by the expansion of the model range of such machines, as well as the desire to further reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere. It should be noted that the average volume of harmful substances released next year should be 92 g/km – if the indicator is exceeded, a fine will be issued. In the first half of 2020, this figure was 111 g / km, which is significantly lower than a year earlier, but still not enough.

At the same time, many automakers are forced to speed up the production of new cars to meet the standards – the reason was the coronavirus epidemic, which forced to postpone the premiere of some cars, including electric ones.

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