Ares Design stilled the fervor against its supercar

Ares Design stilled the fervor against its supercar


A modern variation on the theme of the famous De Tomaso Pantera was not as popular as expected by its creators.

The company Ares Design built coupe in the style of “retrolook” under the straightforward title Panther for more than a year ago: the supercar debuted in March of 2019, a couple of months later light up at the famous exhibition Concorso d’eleganza in Villa d’este Italian.

And a year later the firm decided to recall the existence of both his and his supercar by posting cute videos about Panther, and in the movie starring, say, “conveyor” sample compartment – it is in the form in which you want to deliver it to buyers. In the microfilm demonstrated not only the spectacular “prihvati” coupe on Italian roads, but some of the details of its production: these episodes clearly alluding to the fact that each “Panther” collected almost manually.

The base for Ares Panther modern Design is the modern Lamborghini Huracan, but carbon fiber exterior “Panther” diligently stored references to the iconic coupe of 70s years – up to “blind” headlights (though they are led). The engine is also borrowed from Lamborghini is the famous volume of atmospheric V10 5.2 l, but its impact in comparison with the “Huracan” slightly increased.

The engine develops 650 HP and 599 Nm of torque, working in tandem with a seven-speed robot and all-wheel drive and Panther acceleration to 100 km/h in about 3 seconds. The creators claimed top speed of 325 km/h.

The company originally planned to collect only 14 instances restored “Panther” and sell each at a price of 615 000 euros. Later production plans have been increased to 70 copies, but now Ares Design slightly restrain ambitions: stated that there will be only 21 “Panther”, the project value is discussed only with a particular customer.

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