Ariel Atom: Insane Speed Machine (HQ)

Ariel Atom: Insane Speed Machine (HQ)


Jeremy tries to convince the middle-aged men of the world not to buy a mid-life crisis motorbike, buy the stunning Ariel Atom instead. It’s then up to the Stig to see what this distinctive little car can do.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

this is the atom from a small Somerset company called Ariel and when I say small it only has seven employees what they’ve created though is stunning I think this is one of the most beautiful cars in the world partly because it’s so elegant and partly because it’s such a wonderful piece of engineering using the chassis as a kind of exoskeleton is just inspired prices started under 20,000 pounds and for that you get indicators lights a tax desk and that’s about it not only don’t you get a windscreen there isn’t even any bodywork as you drive along you can see them all there in that childhood as the spirit and there’s the suspension it’s pretty now at this point you’re probably thinking the atom is a bit of a laugh a bit of a gadget a bit of a toy but you’d be wrong very wrong you see the engine is lifted from a Honda Civic type-r and then for that little extra something it’s supercharged so it develops 300 brake horsepower and because the atom only weighs 500 kilograms it means you’re getting 600 brake horsepower per ton and that’s more than you get from a Ferrari Enzo so stick that in your sports exhaust Mr Kawasaki this car goes like nothing you can possibly imagine if you can change gear fast enough it’ll do nought to 60 in 2.9 seconds on an entirely new level it’s so quick it can destroy your entire face I’m John Merrick in the corners it stopped bending my face and used massive g-forces to tear it off every single time if anything this cars even more impressive in the bends than it is in a straight line you can forget anything you’ve ever driven anything Voyles is as fast as this nothing but what about two wheels is it possible that the atom could be faster round our track than a motorbike well to find out we’ve lined it up against a Honda CBR 600 double are off the line the bike is a tiny bit faster but under braking for the first corner the atoms slid past and then it really was a case of goodbye mr. bomb through the band the bike never stood a chance and even down the long back straight up to a hundred and twenty miles an hour it couldn’t keep up by the time we crossed the line the gap had widened to a massive four seconds over the years I’ve flown f-15 fighters and dumped our slides in airboats and strafe the desert from helicopter gunships but for sheer excitement this thing is off the scale even so there will still be those who say that no car no matter how fast it is can ever be as exciting as a big bike oh I mean I don’t wear a helmet in here which means my air because this is full of bees and there’s so much wildlife in my hair you can film an episode of badger watch in there suppression it feels like my brains me not as exciting as a bike yeah right I was so ready to disagree I’ve ridden bikes all my life and I was gonna say rubbish but I think you’re probably right no it is it’s better than a bike in so many ways I mean it’s sitting here it’s not falling over it’s faster than a bike as we’ve just seen that it’s more practical than a bike because it has a boot where hang on now you are getting a bit giddy there I think you’ve ever reached yourself you were going well but it hasn’t got a boot it has check it out but seriously you did get a bit code away though you said what fastest thing on four wheels it’s not but there are track day cars that are quick enough yes I don’t see this as a track day car I don’t because I have this on the right you can use it on the road because the tests that we have for their power boards because only road cars can go on this is whether they can get over a speed bump whether you could use them and this can I know it is definitely a road car so you can go on our power board which means we’ve got to give it to the Stig goes like a rocket God that is so quick now he comes up to the first bend no roller totally flat through there we have a supercharged on winding there as he piles out oh no no music for him to listen to because of course the atom hasn’t got a stereo down to Chicago no understand no oversteer no car has ever been that neutral through there now though the real test the Hammerhead running very wide very wide actually but courtesies for this is very very impressive through the follow-through will he live no doesn’t sound like it that’s how much confidence as he gives you right down to the penultimate band okay locking the left front wheel under braking coming up to Gambon power on there little bit of a wiggle and he’s across the line where do you think okay I don’t know I mean I would think certainly 125 625 II tell us tell us this is agony it’s going up is going up it goes you

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