Armor-piercing Model 3: electric car protected the driver from a heavy stone (video)

Armor-piercing Model 3: electric car protected the driver from a heavy stone (video)


A video has appeared on Reddit that clearly demonstrates the strength of the glasses of Tesla electric cars. The footage shows a white Model 3 and a mysterious man waiting for an electric car to appear on the road. As Tesla approached, he threw a heavy rock directly into the windshield on the driver’s side. Oddly enough, it remained intact, which cannot be said about a stone: an abandoned lump, the density of which was probably lower than that of glass, shattered into pieces.

Later it became known that the blow left only small cracks on the glass of the Tesla Model 3, thanks to which the driver remained unharmed. There are no other details about the incident other than the fact that it took place in Portland, Oregon. Judging by the footage, the man who attacked Tesla was drunk.

The driver was lucky to get off with a slight fright, but the “web” of cracks blocked the view, and he had to stop. This video ends: it is not known whether the participants in the incident managed to communicate and what was the outcome.

In October, toy maker Mattel Creations decided to mock the embarrassment that happened at the premiere of Tesla Cybertruck. He released a constructor with pre-broken glass – a reference to a failed presentation in which a window shattered after being hit by a steel ball.

We also recommend that you watch a detailed test drive of Tesla Model 3 from the FineAuto team:

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