Arquus Scarabee: bronneger from Volvo showed in the video

Arquus Scarabee: bronneger from Volvo showed in the video

Armored scarab was released under the brand Arquus, however, this brand is part of the Volvo group. Maybe a civil one day Volvo will learn to drive like that?

Brand Arquus was born in 2018 by mixing the words arm (“arms”) and equus (“horse”) – previously the company was called Renault Trucks Defence and the Commonwealth still with a number of local companies produced a wide range of military vehicles of different purposes. But the cargo division of Renault Trucks is part of Volvo since the beginning of the two thousandth, so that to understand national identity “Scarab” is quite difficult.

However, it is the main advantage Arquus Scarabee, and its chassis, which was shown recently at the Paris Airshow. It turned out that Scarabee lives up to its name, as really knows how to “go sideways”. To achieve this original improve maneuverability the designers managed through polnopravnym chassis. However, unlike civilian cars with the steering of the rear wheels, the “Scarab” front and rear wheels can be controlled independently from each other.

It is also known that Arquus Scarabee equipped with a 300-horsepower diesel engine paired with a 103-horsepower motor, comes with suspension and weighs a little less than 6 tons, and can not only carry the crew, but also to carry machine gun turret. And it can be reset with a parachute. The original armored car may appear on the army of France in 2025.

While it is impossible to say whether Volvo chassis similar to civilian models, but the civilian armored cars from the Swedes already there.

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