As an old ZIL-130 taught to squat

As an old ZIL-130 taught to squat

Today some in car tuning all often pop up Soviet trucks, namely ZIL-130. In Kazakhstan one craftsman decided to Refine its “one-hundred-and-thirtieth” Salon and equipped it with adjustable suspension.

With the truck ZIL-130 looks like a well maintained truck from which the owner crazy. Here and chrome bars and wheels, and the original shape of the body, more like a garbage truck. By the way, the body raises the hydraulic cylinder from dump truck Tatra.

The owner says that his car is a 1961 and the cabin home, although judging by the radiator grille with low lights – a ZIL-130-76.

Was installed the front bumper from the ZIL-131, under which there is a chrome pipe. From “one hundred and thirty-first” migrated frame, which is strengthened 5 mm steel sheet. On spectacular rims wearing tires 315/70 R22.5. The back of the truck attracts the attention of the tubular element around the rear lights, which also serves underrun protection.

The most interesting is hidden inside the Kazakh ZIL-130. Let’s start with the fact that under the hood we installed a 240-horsepower turbocharged diesel and 6-speed manual transmission with a divider from Mercedes-Benz.

However, the main feature is air suspension on all wheels – 6 airbags and bridges from truck MAN. It is adjustable, so the truck can “Crouch”, sinking at least 200 mm, and separate front or back, whole.

The tuning were made and the interior. Appeared leather dashboard from Mercedes-Benz, buttons and keys from the MAN truck and the KAMAZ and a large color display multimedia system.

Enjoy the creations of the craftsman from Kazakhstan on the video.

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